Why coworking?

Being your own boss is great. Maybe it’s not all sitting by the pool, sipping a cold drink, while you plan your next big venture, but at least you get to work the way you want to (most of the time anyway) and there’s no one to hold you back.





We love our independence too …and we also see great benefits from spending time in the company of others with a similar outlook.

That’s where coworking is so great. Blazing our own unique trail, but getting the support, inspiration and friendship of a community of fellow independent workers. With that support, we can go further in creating sustainable, innovative businesses that make a difference to the world (and in earning a living doing what we love).

Cheltenham Coworking CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise that exists to help the independent worker community in Cheltenham to ‘go far together’, by promoting and enabling coworking. We strive to foster the values of the international coworking movement, ie Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibilty and Sustainability.

In addition, we are particularly keen to encourage social entrepreneurialism, through our social impact coworking space at Create on the Square in West Cheltenham.